MARCH 18, 2014

The War on Pain vs. the War on Addiction

Every prescriber in New York State was required to take an opioid prescribing course mandated by New York State by July 1, 2017. Continue reading →

MARCH 18, 2014

Heroin Abuse Requires Community Response

With the tragic fatal heroin overdose of Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, the scourge of heroin addiction has claimed the life of another victim struggling with opioid addiction. Continue reading →

FEBRUARY 17, 2014

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Long Island winters bring with them many mixed feelings. Almost everyone enjoys the beautiful sights of snowflakes falling and the flawless, fluffy blankets of snow. Yet, at the same time, popular vote proves that most people can only tolerate it for a short period of time. Continue reading →

JUNE 23, 2013

A Long Standing Eating Disorder Finally Makes its Debut

Mental health clinicians will use the new edition, referred to as the DSM-5, as a reference to make accurate psychiatric diagnoses. Continue reading →

APRIL 18, 2013

Jennifer Serrentino, M.D. Recently Discusses the Suboxone Controversy.

Buprenorphine with naloxone, better known by its brand name Suboxone, is a medication used for opiate dependence. The purpose of the medication is to assist individuals addicted to opiates (prescription pain medication or heroin) who want to stop abusing these substances. Continue reading →

MARCH 12, 2013

Jennifer Serrentino MD Recently Gives Opioid Overdose Prevention Training.

Opiate use on Long Island has increased in recent years. As a result, fatal overdoses from misuse of opiates have also increased. According to the Suffolk County Supreme Court Grand Jury Report from April 17, 2012, in the year 2011 there were 231 fatal overdoses from controlled substances in Suffolk County, and 174 of them were from opioid analgesics. Continue reading →

FEBRUARY 19, 2013

Jennifer Serrentino MD recently releases an article titled, Depression and Anxiety: To Medicate or Not to Medicate?

Recently Jennifer Serrentino MD wrote an article about Depression & Anxiety and published it on her website. Here are some excerpts from it: Continue reading →

FEBRUARY 4, 2013

Jennifer Serrentino MD talks about Preventing Opiate Overdoses

Jennifer Serrentino MD recently updates her blog talking about preventing Opiate Overdoses. Prescription pain killers and heroin continue to be abused by teenagers and young adults in communities all over Long Island. Continue reading →